Apple juice and pulp, Modi apple variety, received as a result of grinding of the fruits after being washed; afterwards when water, sugar cane and lemon juice are added, the product shall be homogenized, packed in glass bottles and pasteurized.

Apple juice and pulp (50% min), water, sugar cane (changeable doses), lemon juice 3 gr/litre.
No preservatives and colouring agents added.

Storage conditoins
Storage temperature: room temperature; once opened the product shall be kept in the fridge and shall be consumed in 3-4 days. Shake well before drinking. Minimum storage period: a packed product expires in 24 month.

Chemical-physical characteristics
pH    3,75
sugars    15,5% Brix

Organoleptic characteristics
Colour: dark red, almost brown
Fragrance: sweet soft, characterized by Modi apples
Smell: characterized by apple juice
Consistency: liquid with solid suspensions.

Packaging characteristics
Bottle    in glass 500 ml
Paper pack    
Boxes containing 6 or 12 bottles