Technical specifications
Vine    Pinot Grigio DOC VENICE
Vine area    Treviso
Altitude    10 meters s.l.
Land composition    medium texture
Farming system    Sylvoz
Wine    collection manual cleaning of the must by cold settling, fermentation at a controlled temperature of the remaining
Ripe    steel

Chemical specifications
Total acidity      5,85 g/l
Alcohol    12,5 % vol.
Residual sugar    3,20 g/l
Total extract    25 g/l
SO2 free    34 mg/l
SO2 total    112 mg/l
pH    3,20

Organoleptic characteristics
This type of vine, arrived in Italy from France and spread mainly in the north-east regions, is created  after a proficient mutation of Black Pinot. Once gathered and brought into the winery, the grapes of Grey Pinot are processed to be cleared from the peel that helps to reach a wine of an elegant yellow-straw colour with greenish shades. In this wine one can smell fruity odor of a young wine with the memories of premature peach and apple, with the floral note represented by the notes of flowers of European elder, while with time the bouquet becomes more manifold and tends to remind hay with a light smell of pears.Its taste can be described as balanced, dainty and dry, reasonably sour and with perfect persistence. It can be served with all types of food. Ideal with light starters, soups, dishes based on eggs and fish. It shall be served at the temperature of 10-12°C and the bottle shall be opened right before drinking or a little bit earlier.

Storage conditions
Bottle    bordolese
Cork    natural
Paper pack    6 bottles
Pallet    100 box