Technical specifications
Vine    Glera 100%
Vine area    Cessalto (TV)
Altitude    10 meters s.l.
Land composition    medium texture
Farming system    Sylvoz
Wine    manual harvesting;must cleaning for cold settling; conservation of part of the must at low temperature; fermentation of the remaining part at a controlled temperature
Ripe    steel
Creating cuvèe    union must share retained to the base wine
Fermentation    in an autoclave, with selected yeasts; temperature controlled

Chemical specifications
Total acidity    5,80 g/lù
Alcohol content    10,50 % vol.
Residual sugar    12 g/l
Total extract    28 g/l.
SO2 free    36mg/l
SO2 total    135 mg/l
pH    3,25
Overpressure    2,3-2,5 bar

Organoleptic characteristics
This sparkling wine with its yellowish straw colour is characterized by a fine perlage and sufficient persistence. It is very aromatic and quite intense. The fruit note comes out especially in unripe apple and grapefruit, while wisteria and the flowers of acacia create the dominating floral note. Its taste is balanced, fresh and well-structured that turns out to be pleasant and harmonious. Of medium-long taste-olfactory persistence.
Ideal for aperitifs but also it represents a perfect choice also as accompaniment for risotto with vegetables, light dishes and fish dishes. It shall be served at the temperature of 6-8°C and the bottle shall be opened right before drinking.